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2 years ago

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Why Switch to Vegan Skincare?

2 years ago

Why Switch to Vegan Skincare?

2 years ago

Why Switch to Vegan Skincare?

People are increasingly spending their money on vegan products, and plant-based diets often trend online. But it doesn’t just concern people’s diets, as vegan skincare is becoming a key part of many people’s beauty choices.

Veganism and the vegan lifestyle has seen massive increases in popularity over the last 5 years, as more people have become aware about the impact modern living is having on the planet.

What does vegan skincare mean?

As you might well guess, just as the vegan diet means consuming not animal products, it’s the same for vegan skincare products which contain no animal products or derivatives.

Whilst many people are aware of what’s included in food to make it not vegan, there aren’t as many who know the extent of animal products included in a lot of cosmetics. Collagen and beeswax are just two of hundreds of beauty ingredients derived from animals and used in a lot of everyday skin products. Though some of these are completely against everything vegan cosmetics stands for some can still be produced in a vegan-friendly way. Collagen, for example, is usually sourced from cows or fish but now it’s now being produced using bacteria and modified yeast, so becoming vegan-friendly.

At Belle + So we make sure all of our beauty products are ethically produced in the UK using only vegan ingredients. For us, it’s not enough to just protect your skin. We want to do our bit and protect the planet too.

What are the benefits of vegan skincare?

It goes without saying using vegan skincare products massively benefits animals and the planet, but it also positively affects your skin too. Below we’ve listed some of the benefits and reasons why you should be making the transition to vegan beauty cosmetics and products if you haven’t already done so.

  1. Vegan skin care decreases your impact on the environment

    In the same way following a vegan diet can help minimise your carbon footprint, using vegan skin care products consistently means fewer animals being farmed and suffering cruelty for your consumption. And when you buy from us you can be safe in the knowledge our packing is eco-friendly and 100% recyclable too.

  2. Vegan skin care is better for animals

    Good skin care shouldn’t have to come at a cost to the environment and that’s why none of our products are tested on animals - rather each product is scientifically formulated to provide long lasting outstanding results without negatively impacting the environment.

  3. The benefit of Vegan skincare for your skin

    Vegan skincare is synonymous with natural skincare, and that’s at the heart of our range at Belle + So Beauty. Vegan skincare products often have fewer ingredients as well, with the focus being on those natural clean ingredients that really helps you achieve your skincare goals.

Our products are rich in powerful antioxidants like vitamin c which is brilliant for reducing acne and scaring, and hyaluronic acid which helps skin retain moisture and keep hydrated. It doesn’t take long to start seeing the benefits of using plant-based skincare products and starting to achieve glowing, more youthful, looking skin.

View our full range of vegan skincare products here.

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