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2 years ago

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Popping Spots: A mini guide

2 years ago

Popping Spots: A mini guide

2 years ago

We’ve all been there. You went to bed with lovely, smooth, unblemished skin and you woke up to find a giant spot right in the middle of your forehead. In a panic you can’t help from touching it, squigging it, picking at it and wishing it to disappear. If it was a perfect world you wouldn’t pick it. Heck, if it was a perfect world you wouldn’t have the spot in the first place! 

What does your skin do when you pop a spot?

When you pop a spot you cause trauma and inflammation for your skin, which forces bacteria and oil further into the pores of your skin, which worsens your acne and can potentially lead to cysts. The end results can be an increased risk of suffering from acne scarring such as hyperpigmentation and red marks.

How to pop a spot properly?

  1. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water and then sanitiser.
  2. Use a pin or needle (which has been sterilised) to penetrate the roof of the whitehead.
  3. Use tissue to gently squeeze on both sides of the spot and the whitehead should come out.

What to do after popping a spot

  1. Clean the area around the spot with a cleanser making sure there’s no dirt and oil on your hands and face.
  2. Apply alcohol or a salicylic acid toner to the area (it will sting a little).
  3. Reduce inflammation by applying a small amount of 1-percent hydrocortisone cream.
  4. Leave it alone and let it heal!

If the spot comes back in the next hours or days later do not pop it again. Rather, use skincare which contains salicylic acid to the area and if that doesn’t work contact your GP or dermatologist. 

For those who do have problems with continuously picking spots, we recommend using hydrocolloid patches as these can help heal the spot and take away the temptation of touching it further.

What to do after your popped spot has healed

Once the spot has healed, you may experience some hyperpigmentation. We recommend using vitamin C serum like our Super Vitamin C Booster to help clear out pores and discolouration. 

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